CIRHT seeks to be the global leader in integration of training in Family Planning and Comprehensive Abortion Care into pre-service health education to reduce maternal mortality by improving access to comprehensive reproductive health services.


CIRHT partners with academic institutions in developing countries to strengthen capacity for life-saving reproductive health services through the integration of competency-based pre-service training in Family Planning and Comprehensive Abortion Care, revamping research culture and improving the quality of care.


• Integrity: Behave in a transparent, honest, and trustworthy manner with all of our endeavors and relationships.
• Excellence: Persevere for the highest level of quality in competency-based education, women-centered clinical care, and research.
• Accountability: Demonstrate efficient and responsible use of resources ethically and in a consistent manner.
• Partnership: Ensure authentic collaboration by addressing needs and recognizing the importance of customized communications across countries and cultures to increase our networking capabilities in order to foster a mutually beneficial environment of learning from successes and failures.
• Evidence-Based Practice: Integrate current best evidence into the daily practice of clinical care and training at our partner institutions.
• Compassionate Care: Strive to nurture a culture that embodies training and clinical care practices that are centered on the provision of dignified care to women with respect, empathy, and kindness.
• Sustainability: Establish a local foundation for long term maintenance of our purpose and principles to overcome challenges and roadblocks

• Build faculty capacity on clinical training in reproductive health services, medical and surgical pregnancy termination, as well as teaching and research skills.
• Improve the capacity of partner medical schools with the physical infrastructure, equipment and instruction models needed to deliver quality training.
• Implement and expand integrated pre-service training for medical students, interns and residents at medical schools.
• Monitor and evaluate training to ensure that partner schools adhere to the curriculum’s standards, while enabling CIRHT to share lessons learned.