CIRHT Education Tools

Statement of Purpose

The Center for International Reproductive Health Training at the University of Michigan (CIRHT-UM) ( was founded in 2014 to partner with educational institutions in developing countries to strengthen the human resources for family planning (FP) and comprehensive abortion care (CAC). For 5 years, our primary focus was education, complemented with research, clinical service, and faculty development activities to reinforce student learning. We utilized a preservice approach to integrate FP/CAC into undergraduate and postgraduate curricula to ensure graduates acquire the skills they need before beginning their clinical service.

Through our faculty development program with partner schools, we provided faculty in OBGYN, midwifery, nursing, and collaborating departments with the skills, coaching, and professional networks to be exemplary educators, health providers, and researchers. Through these partnerships, we have provided personalized curriculum review and faculty development across 11 colleges and universities in Ethiopia and Rwanda. Building on the lessons and materials from those projects, we distilled the 14 student competencies and 12 faculty competencies. This toolkit maps those competencies to some of the core materials that we used for our workshops and webinars.

We collected these materials over the course of our 5 years of pre-service education projects with partner health sciences institutions in Ethiopia and Rwanda. This collection has been selected from a larger pool of materials to represent the most pertinent resources that supported our training for the specific competencies in FP/CAC.

This toolkit focuses on the education program for faculty competencies. There are other toolkits for the education program for students and for the research program.

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