Promoting a culture of research result findings can provide vital information to inform health policy, and lead to evidence-based medicine, ultimately protecting the Reproductive Health  of women and adolescents.

Inculcating and building research capacity at CIRHT-UM started from assessing the status of research practices and the factors affecting them. Based on the findings, a comprehensive strategies were designed and implemented.

Research Strategies includes the following:

  1. Invite seasoned clinician investigators to share their journeys about balancing research activity with busy clinical schedules. These inspirational talks excite new investigators and demystify the research endeavor.

  2. Call for concept notes and areas for research support focused on Family Planning and Comprehensive Abortion Care.

  3. Guidance on framing a research question and selection of specific topics based on set criteria.

  4. Award competitive research grants following selection by expert research reviewers

  5. Post-selection hands-on workshops (on-site where feasible):

    • Framing research questions

    • Developing research protocols and encouraging team science

    • Research management and data collection

    • Data analysis

    • Manuscript and scientific writing and journal selection

  6. Mentorship through pairing with relevant  faculty at the University of Michigan.

  7. Review of manuscripts by the Pre-Publication Support Service (PREPSS) at the University of Michigan.

  8. Support researchers to present at national and international conferences.

To date, more than 60 faculty Principal Investigators in partner institutions have been awarded grants and are at various stages of the research process.

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