In Adama, a new Michu clinic expands Comprehensive Family Planning and Safe Abortion Care services

  • IMG_7662
    Michu clinic waiting area under consrtruction
  • IMG_2497
    Provost Dr. Silashii Gaaromaa Abbayyaa in front of his former office
  • IMG_2494
    Adama administration building before refurbishment
  • IMG_2451
    Entrance to Adama Hospital
  • IMG_2528
    Michu clinic building seen from the street
  • IMG_0026
    Dr. Fikru Abebe speaking with patients in post-abortion recovery
  • adama4
    Refurbished waiting area
  • IMG_2910
    Patients and families in waiting area
  • IMG_0060
    Administering depo provera
  • midwife
    Midwife Kemila Ture
  • IMG_2962
    Family Planning counselling
  • collage2
    The stages of Michu construction

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